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I Got a Complete Cure of Sternocostoclavicular Hyperostosis

H.H., Female in USA

One year passed since I wrote Foreign Report (1) entitled 乬 How I Found My Way To Akita乬.

Briefly, the problem started in May of 2000. I had suffered from the pustular eruptions on the palms and soles of the feet and severe chest pain. Then I had been obliged to make round trips between dermatologists and orthopedists, but with no benefit. There I had received 乬regular乬 treatments such as PUVA radiation and steroid ointments, until I found the Web site created by 乬Akitakomachi乭, Chiwako Mogamiya, and visited Dr. Maebashi in the National Akita Hospital, Japan.

After medical examination by Dr. Maebashi, he plainly explained my disease to me and told me that the disease was curable. When I heard his voice 乬 curable 乬, I cried and cried in mind with joy that I could recover from the disease, and convinced that my travel plan to Akita far from the United States was in the right, because my family and friends were not so sure about my travel to Akita. Additionally, Dr. Maebashi emphasized that smoking was a risk factor for the disease. Then I returned to the United States with hope that I could get a cure, and decided to give up smoking as a token of my gratitude to Mogamiya乫s warm heart for sick persons and to Dr. Maebashi乫s passion for the study on the disease and for the untiring efforts to treat many patients.

At first, the therapeutic effect of biotin on the disease was fluctuating, and I became irritated, although Dr. Maebashi told me that biotin treatment required some time to improve the disease. Mogamiya frequently encouraged me not to loose my mind under the treatment by e-mail. After taking the treatment for four months, both of my symptoms, severe chest pain and odious skin rashes begun to go out. After one year I was free of the disease. Finally I got a complete cure.

In my house there are two pairs of large shoes and sandals left in the corner of a boots-cupboard. I had put on them when I had been afflicted with painful swelling of the feet due to severe skin rashes. They recall many bitter experiences to my mind, whenever I see them.

It is a good luck that I could become acquainted with a good friend, Mogamiya, and an excellent doctor, Dr. Maebashi, through the Web site. Dr. Maebashi told me 乬 I wish to be of use for all of the persons who are suffering from steonocostoclavicular hyperostosis including palmoplantar pustulosis and psoriasis乬, because he is only one doctor in the world with the ability to cure these diseases.

Now, thanks to Mogamiya and Dr. Maebashi, I appreciate the bliss of health and enjoy my life.

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