April 13, 2003

G. S., female, in Australia

Finally, as a result of going on the internet, December 2 last year I found the Web site from Y. T-G., in London about Dr. Maebashi who established the treatment regime of palmoplantar pustulosis. And from there went to the Chiwako Mogamiya's site in which she recovered completely from the disease

I was absolutely amazed to read the site in which the destroying effect Lactobacilli agent on biotin, a kind of vitamin B group, is a trigger to break out palmoplantar pustulosis, as I had been afflicted with severe diarrhea and so I had been taking large quantities of the Lactobacilli agents, acidophilus and bifidus, for 15 years according to a doctor's advice. At that time, as I had drunk a lot of milk, the doctor thought that I had been suffering from an allergy to lactose and developed severe diarrhea. After intake of the Lactobacilli agent, the diarrhea reduced transiently, but soon relapsed and continues to date..

In 1995, after swimming in the waters of Fiji, I noticed a yellow pustule on my left foot and thought that I had been bitten by something such as a insect in the waters. The pustules spread all over the feet and broke out on the palms. I used an ointment containing sulphur, without the knowledge that I had been allergic to sulphur and many medications. Thus, I thought the resulting spread of the pustules was due to the ointment and kept trying many other ointments, all to no avail. Then, I just used vaseline as recommended by a dermatologist in New Zealand, until I found the Mogamiya's site, although vaseline gave me brief relief from itching and pain.

As to the pustules, there was one person who said that you got them by swimming in Fiji, and another who said that they were allergic to plants in the garden. On November last year, I was attacked with severe chest pain during the night. I had searched the internet for a cure over 5 years, but it became very depressing, when I realized that many people had it worse than me, and it just continued getting worse..

Soon after I found the Mogamiya's site, I faxed to Dr. Maebashi in the National Akita Hospital in Japan. Dr. Maebashi sent me message on palmoplantar pustulosis through e-mail by Mogamiya. Later I knew that he had not opened Web site. In his message I found his summarized special lecture on the cause and the treatment regime of palmoplantar pustulosis spoken on the Dermatological Congress in Japan. The content of the lecture was easy to understand, and I was greatly relieved to know that I could recover from the loathsome disease.

Now, I am exchanging e-mail with Mogamiya who transmits my questions to Dr. Maebashi and Dr. Maebashi's message to me. Through the Q & As with Mogamiya and Dr. Maebashi, I learned many things about the disease including the state of mind in the patients. Among the Q & As, I was much tormented with their advice not to smoke, because I was a heavy smoker. But I decided to give up smoking, because smoking habit is a tremendous risk factor to aggravate the disease and to inactivate the biotin treatment.

I am now under medical treatment according to Dr. Maebashi's regime with the hope that I have a cure.

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